- Hon. John B. Anderson (IL)

- Hon. Birch Bayh (IN)

- Hon. John Buchanan (AL)

- Hon. Tom Campbell (CA)

- Hon. David Durenberger (MN)

- Hon. Jake Garn (UT)

- Tom Downey (D-NY)


A State-Based Plan For Electing
The President By National Popular Vote


By John R. Koza, Barry Fadem, Mark Grueskin,
Michael S. Mandell, Robert Richie, and Joseph F. Zimmerman


With 16 forewords from John B. Anderson (R,I–IL), Birch Bayh (D–IN), John Buchanan (R–AL), Tom Campbell (R–CA), Greg Aghazarian (R–CA), Saul Anuzis (R–MI), Laura Brod (R–MN), James L. Brulte (R–CA), Tom Golisano (R,I–FL), Joseph Griffo (R–NY), Ray Haynes (R–CA), Bob Holmes (D–GA), Dean Murray (R–NY), Tom Pearce (R–MI), Christopher Pearson (P–VT), Jake Garn (R–Utah)


Fourth Edition — February 2013


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"innovative new proposal ... Legislatures across the country should get behind it"
—New York Times—March 14, 2006

"The Sun-Times News Group backs the concept and applauds the National Popular Vote group for thinking outside the box"
—Chicago Sun Times Editorial—March 1, 2006


"an inventive proposal"
—Neal Peirce—Houston Chronicle—March 5, 2006


"a brilliant idea"
—Andrew Gumbel—LA CityBeat—March 9, 2006


"the Legislature [should] do the right thing and endorse the new compact."
—Minneapolis Star Tribune Editorial—March 27, 2006

“This book describes the ‘Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote’—an innovative approach that is a politically practical way to achieve the goal of nationwide popular election of the President. It has my enthusiastic support.”
—John B. Anderson (R–Illinois and Independent presidential candidate)
“The people have supported the direct election of the president for over fifty years. In this book Dr. Koza suggests a way for states to come together and make it happen. ... I strongly support and applaud any good-faith effort to make the direct election of the president a reality and commend to you the intriguing approach offered in the ‘Agreement Among States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote” described in this book.’ ”
—John Buchanan (R–Alabama)
“The President and Vice President should be chosen by the same method
every other elective office in this country is filled—by citizen voters of the United States in a system which counts each vote equally. ... I unequivocally support this new strategy to provide for the direct election of the President and Vice President. This new approach is consistent with the Constitution ... It’s refreshing to know states have the ability under the Constitution to step up and create the sensible solution Americans have long been supporting.”
—Birch Bayh (D–Indiana)
“The ingenious approach put forward in this book provides, for the first
time, a solution that is achievable. It does not rely on unrealistic assumptions. It can be implemented, if the very people who are relatively disenfranchised in our country will only be awakened to how to do it.”
—Tom Campbell (R–California)
“What makes the National Popular Vote plan particularly promising is how neatly it fits in with American traditions. A century ago it was states that first established women's suffrage and direct election of U.S. Senators. Under the U.S. Constitution it is states that have the power to fix our broken presidential election system. This book provides the roadmap.”
—Chellie Pingree (President, Common Cause)
“This isn't a Democratic or Republican issue to me. It's important that people have faith that in the election of the most important office in the world that their vote will count. I'm proud to sponsor legislation that will hopefully result in presidential candidates showing up and working to meet voters in my state.”
—Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale, Illinois and DuPage County Republican Chairman)

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